Save Time & Money with St. Louis Record Center

St. Louis Record Center is a locally-owned and operated, full-service archiving facility specializing in the storage and management of paper records and other media for a wide range of businesses including:

* Medical Records
* Legal Files
* Insurance Files
* Financial Records
* Personnel Files
* Accounting Files
* X-Rays
* Business Records

What is Records Management?
Records management is the proper archiving of information vital to the life of a company.  The ability to quickly and accurately locate critical information is an important part of a firm’s infrastructure.  Proper records management ensures that business information can be accessed at any time in a timely and cost-effective manner.  It also ensures that documents are retained and, eventually, destroyed in accordance with appropriate regulatory requirements and company policy.

Many businesses have more paper than they know what to do with, their files are overflowing and too much time is spent tracking down needed information.  Let St. Louis Record Center bring order to this chaos with its expert records storage and information management services. 

St. Louis Record Center can manage and store your documents and return them to you on an as-needed basis utilizing our expertise in this area.  We can save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

St. Louis Record Center
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"I can honestly say that St. Louis Record Center exceeds all expectations in both their costs and quality.

They accurately store and retrieve all boxes that we keep at their facility. Nothing has ever been lost or misplaced for any amount of time. Their staff is both pleasant and friendly on a daily basis.

We switched vendors years ago due to their competitive rates. Our operating costs with them have helped our business plan meet the CFO's budgetary standards each year.

I will continue to do business with St. Louis Record Center "

Hospital Health Information Management Director
St. Louis, MO

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